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Recipe for Strawberry Jam.


Strawberry Jam


Qty Description Qty Description
3 lb strawberries 1 juice of a lemon
3 lb granulated sugar


Choose smaller firm fruits, if possible, as this will give a quicker set.

If necessary, wash and dry the strawberries then cut into halves or quarters if large.

Place in a bowl with the lemon juice and sprinkle with a little of the sugar, about 2oz.

Leave overnight to make their own juice.

Next day, place in a pan and simmer gently until the fruit is well softened.

Add the sugar and boil to setting point. This may take some time, 15 minutes or more if the fruit is large and ripe. The longer you have to boil it to reach setting point, the darker the jam will be.

This jam tends to darken over time, lose its fresh flavour and get a little stiff. Best used sooner rather than trying to keep it longer.

fruit selection
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam

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