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Barbara's Recipes - Bramble (Blackberry) & Apple Jam

Recipe for Blackberry & Apple Jam.


Bramble (Blackberry) & Apple Jam


This is sometimes known as "cheese" as its consistency is between a jam and a jelly.

Use whatever weight of brambles you have. Cooking apples are added to increase the bulk if you only have a small quantity of brambles and also to give a good set.

For best flavour use about half the weight of apples to brambles. As you will see weights at this point are not critical except in relative proportions.

Pick over the brambles discarding over-ripe or damaged fruits.

Wash the apples and cut off any bad bits. I usually core them too just in case any creepy crawlies have gone into the middle but it shouldn't be necessary. There's no need to peel the apples.

Cut the apples into quarters or eighths depending on size.

Add water to the pan to almost cover the fruit and simmer till tender and well broken up.

Add the brambles and continue to simmer until they too are broken up.

Weigh a bowl which is large enough to contain the fruit pulp.

Ladle small amounts of the pulp into a sieve, preferably nylon, over the bowl and using the back of a spoon rub the pulp through the sieve.

Put aside anything which won't go through the sieve.

Continue till all the fruit pulp is processed.

Weigh the bowl and contents and calculate the weight of the fruit pulp.

Return the pulp to the pan and add the same weight of sugar.

Boil until setting point is reached, pot and cover.

fruit selection
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam

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