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Recipe for Apple Chutney.

chutney pot
chutney pot
chutney pot

Apple Chutney

This is Mrs Scrimgeour's recipe. She was a friend of David's mum and used to make this in copious quantities to sell in aid of cancer relief. She and her husband had lived in the East for some time and because it is flavoured with curry powder, everyone thought she'd brought the recipe back with her. However, the source is much more mundane; she had come across it at a women's rural or guild.


Qty Description Qty Description
2lb apples after peeling lb sultanas
2 lb brown sugar lb currants
3 large onions lb preserved ginger
1 oz curry powder tsp ground ginger
2 tbsp salt pint vinegar
tsp cayenne pepper


Peel, core and chop apples.

Peel and chop onions.

Boil all together until thick

Bottle and cover.

fruit selection
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam
pot of jam

Disclaimer: This recipe is provided 'as is' and we regret that no responsibilty can be accepted if you do not like the result - if it breaks your kitchen you get to keep both parts!
We believe this recipe works and will provide a tasty chutney. In the event that in transcribing it for the Web errors or omissions have ocurred and ingredients include such gems as 1 lb turmeric please let us know so we can correct it.
If you like the result and want to pass it on please feel free to do so as long as the source is acknowledged.

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